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Sunny Skin

Even Out + Brighten + Get your Glow on with the Tone Tuner Vitamin C

R720,00 incl VAT
Power Potion

Glow inducing Retexturiser: Put the power back into your exfoliation. A gentle, yet effective chemical

R820,00 incl VAT
Wrinkle Shminkle

Enrich, reactivate + get your smooth on, with the Line Softener A star studded line

R720,00 incl VAT
Face Juice

Topical hyaluronic juice: Quench + plump + boost with this MAX Hydrator. A skin-perfecting, moisture

R720,00 incl VAT

Try it. Travel with it. Gift it. Love it. Meet the Beaut'jies: a mini/discovery set

R720,00 incl VAT

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Also called Glycerol. It is a skin-identical ingredient used as a humectant. 

An organic compound used as a hair and skin humectant (draws in moisture), as a skin protectant, as a denaturant (removes alcohol from alcohol), as a skin and hair emollient (retains moisture), as a solvent (helps other ingredients dissolve in a solution), for oral care, and to decrease viscosity (thickness).
Benefits: Denaturant, Hair conditioning, Humectant, Oral care agent, Skin conditioning, Skin protectant, Solvent, Viscosity agent

Frequency: This ingredient is used frequently in cosmetics.





Why choose LEBON?  

Built by straålcompare®. The selection is made up of toothpastes with similar characteristics, value propositions or price points. This is part of our straålthrough® transparency initiative–we encourage our straålfriends to pick the products they love ♡ 

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R2 per ML (size is 80ML)

Certified Organic Ingredients by Ecocert.


Aluminium tube

Contains Calcium Carbonate as colourant.

LEBON is a fluoride-free oral care range (for those who prefer to shop fluoride-free).

LEBON is sulphate (SLS)-, triclosan-, plastic- and titanium dioxide free (for those who prefer to shop these characteristics).

Sold at straal.shop

CURAPROX BE YOU [most flavours]

R3.75 per ML (based on 60ML at R225)

No certified Organic ingredients


Plastic tube

Contains colourants that are not Calcium/mineral based such as Reds and Yellows.

Contains Sodium Chloride (good for oral health)

Contains MICA (controversial unless sourcing disclosed) & Titanium Dioxide.

Has a texture from beads (noted as not plastic)

Both LEBON and Curaprox contain essential oils for aroma, including D-Limonene.

Curaprox contains 5 sweeteners; LEBON contains 1.

Both are free-from SLS, triclosan and plastic.

☑️ Good toothpaste albeit very sweet; more expensive than straål.

Dr. Hauschka Med Fortifying Mint Toothpaste

R2.2 per ML (based on 75ML for R165)

Not Certified Organic but both LEBON and Dr. Hauschka has similar ethos.

Not Vegan-friendly due to Propolis

Plastic or aluminium tube

Contains colour pigments from Titanium and Copper.

Contains Titanium Dioxide [disputed ingredient] although from illmenite.

Contains Alcohol (LEBON is alcohol-free).

Both LEBON and Dr. Hauschka contain essential oils, although the latter contains 4 EU allergens.

Both Dr. Hauschka and LEBON are fluoride-free. Plus other free-froms in LEBON and this are similar.

☑️ Great ingredients and similar price to LEBON albeit not appropriate for Vegans while containing Titanium Dioxide. We were unable to verify whether the tube is plastic or aluminium.

Aēsop Toothpaste

R5.16 per ML (based on 60ML for R310)

Not Certified Organic

Both Aēsop and LEBON focus on ingredients with proven safety, efficacy and sustainability.


Aluminium tube

Contains Calcium Carbonate as Colourant, like LEBON.

Contains Sodium Chloride (good for oral health)

Both LEBON and Aēsop contain essential oils, although Aēsop has 3 EU allergens.

Both LEBON and Aēsop specialize in exquisite ‘natural’ aromas in their toothpastes.

Both Aēsop and LEBON are fluoride-free, titanium dioxide-free, triclosan-free and SLS-free. 

☑️ Great ingredients and aroma. If high-end toothpastes with sophisticated and unique scents are your thing, try LEBON for a more affordable option. 

More comparisons soon!

Please note that straålcompare® is meant to help our straålfriends compare attributes and prices based on factual information.

When a product is marked with certain attributes, it is for informational purposes so that purchasers can make choices according to their own criteria.