About Us.

Who (times two).

Two sisters. South African. 

One: Chief Salad Maker & Pomegranate Enthusiast. Part-time professional perspirer (hence the insistence on cool natural deos). International Business, Luxury Brand Management & Entrepreneurship.

The Other: Chief Office Barista & House Plant Nurturer. Part-time professional allergic-reaction-haver to certain cosmetic ingredients (hence the insistence on cool products without these ingredients in it). Internationally qualified & experienced skin-'caretaker'.

Two opposites. One goal.

What We Do. (Hey, that rhymes with 'who').

The phrase chimes already: *clean, cruelty-free, and cool. S T R L ? curates a selection of beauty-, wellness- and lifestyle products according to this simple philosophy. Plus we love to curate products & brands that are new to South Africa!

*Defined in FAQs.

Why We Do What We Do.

The shopping experience can be overwhelming for the 'conscious' consumer in SA; right now the onus is on them to do their homework. Let's change that with S T R L ? We want to make cruelty-free easy. We want to make informed shopping easy. We want to make ingredient checking easy. And sexy. And fun. Let' go #strlmeup.

S T R L ? non-negotiables:
    1. Brands we retail in our skincare + bodycare + cosmetics + makeup + haircare section (outer beauty) MUST be cruelty-free. (Note that cruelty-free does not mean vegan. Some items in our future 'inner-beauty' and pantry section might not be vegan).
    2. Certain ingredients we do not retail.
    3. At S T R L ? we seek brands that have an overall ethos that matches forward-thinking (our) values.
    4. We are retail partners with all our brands; we retail only with permission from each brand (official stockist approval). We do not associate with any unauthorized activity. Period. 

S T R L ? isn't in the dictionary, what does it mean?

S T R L ? attempts to redefine the old definition of beauty retail in South Africa. At least, that's what we aim for. At this time, we are still somewhat undefined. Fluid. With soft borders. This is not our permanent name, this is not our permanent home. Or manifestation. It's a beginning. It's a piece--an allusion--of what we'll be and offer, of what we hope to be. We look forward to growing, learning, redefining and much more to come!

    Our Badges.

    [Coming soon].